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Blowin' In The Wind

Yes, This is to be sung in the same sing-song tune as the Bob Dylan Classic : How many loos must I inspect and check Before my ass threatens to rive?! How many times must I keep jerking off Before I hope to go 'live'?! How many times must I interview before I join a stupid club hive?! The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind. How much hair must I keep picking out before I have 'nice' mess meal? How many days should I go without a bath? Before the dirt starts to peel! How many kills should one player have before he is accused of a kill-steal?! The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind. How many times must I slog my ass off before I inevitably get a DD? How many Sports-complex dances will it take before he roams the 'romantic' streets of GB? How many kills should EnViCi execute Before he's no longer considered a noobie?! The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind The

Nano,Petro,Traffic... You get the idea?

Yes one preach-max post.But seriously guys read it and consider it. Hoping comments follow. The recent hike in petrol prices would have come as a big blow for most people.It sure will leave a huge hole in every pocket. I dont follow the oil economy or the inflation-fighting steps taken by the government but what I do realize is one thing.There sure is an upside to this. Ok before you jump and try reading the last para to see the tone and proceed to comment, let me assure you .I would be as happy as anybody else if prices of so many things fell.What I want you to do is understand a little observation I made. Usually, when I have some place to go in namma Bengalooru ,there would be ideally 2 choices - the bus or my own transport (ideally because the LL is still in the waiting :( . ). I am quite sure this thought process goes on in most peoples minds.They would think about the availability of buses to that place and their regularity.They would then find out the distance they would be

The Rupee.

Its not just 1/42.875 of a Dollar. Our Rupee coin is so much more than that. 1 Caramel Eclairs. 2 coffee bites. 4 Soft Spots (Whatever happened to them?!) 16 village peppermints! 60 seconds from the Yellow Box. 100 SMSes for some. The topping to the 100,500 or 1000 in an envelope at a ceremony. The savior from a ceremonial kick from the bus conductor. An hour for the homeless. A house for an Eritrean. :) An ugly jingle to your stride. An embarrassment to a '7-figurer'. The trophy of a grocery store bargain. Almost match-decider in a World Cup Final. A Gem for a Romanian numismatist. Horrible worthlessness at the Mall. A well-deserved tip for The Cocky Waiter. An extra Sweet Puri at the chaat place. Oh Yes,have to put this in - A MASSIVE 2 more MB of web usage for BSNL :O What else?! Fill in more guys............


No matter how many times they have featured on 'Things I Hate The Most' on Slam-Books and personality questionnaires, I have always been awed by the rich variety of 'saas-bahu' teleserials aired during prime-time. Why? Here is ,in no way an exhaustive list of their achievements( Due to obvious reasons I consider all the saas-bahu dramas to be a single identity) : The net worth of the jewellery in one scene overtakes the GDP of Eritrea. The costumes worn by a single person on one show beats the lifetime wardrobe of an average, sane mortal. The Bindis of a lucky select compete in size with Kosovo. The only set-up , fiction,non-fiction or whatever, where an older person plays the daughter if not grand-daughter of the younger one. The wiliness of the average bahu puts to shame even the most dangerous KGB spy. The make-up used for one complete episode can 'decolorize' entire Africa. The only family probably in the history of time to have 8 generations in one

The Story Of A DOTA Game.

Hanni Host! IP problem da. Ok wait. GUYS JOIN SERVER!! Where are the others? Adi is messaging,he'll come wait. Vicky is on the phone,he'll take another 2 hours.Ditch. Anyone from the DASA wing? No they are 'pardying'. Poo's in the RR,he cant come. BD n others? BD is going to get stoned. Ankit is stoned. Theres Prat if you want :) Hesh and Heda have some Comp Class. Sharon in Mangalore. Others No Idea. *Datta u dark lord and other such standard 'racist'comments* Wheres IT gang? They just came wait. Jethru and MV joined the game. HellBoy joined the game. Adi : Kick all naabs. HellBoy has left the game. *LOL ROFL and other such* Who else coming da? Neeraj wants to join. Adi ,Hanni : NO Datta : SURE! EnViCi has joined the game. *Due to presence of naabs by the scores and my weak memory as to who is pro, I cant publish further*. Game starting in 5 seconds...... Game starting in 4 seconds...... Game starting in 3 seconds...... Game starting in 2 seconds...... Game


Kaalia the crow,Suppandi,Tantri The Mantri,Kapish and the other Tinkle characters. Math 100 page homeworks. Mom getting my shoes polished and ready. Trying to be tall enough to unbolt the door. Fist Blow exchanges with sis. Mickey-Mouse tiffin boxes and Donald Duck water bottles. Just 'half' a ticket for a bus ride. Forming circles on the playground for lunch. Bated breath to catch the 2 second 'car scene' involving Drew Barrimore in Charlie's Angels. Little Classroom Crushes. Horrendous Hindi Dohas. Enid-Blyton Adventures. 'Just Mohabbat' on Sony. Frantic 'chalkifying' the white canvas shoes. Rubberbands to hold socks up during inspections. 'Kings' with napkin-ball after lunch. 4-in-1 family rides on our very own 'Allwyn Pushpak'. Geography Map completions. Tazos and Trump Cards and tattoos and what not! Badge Fight with classmates. 'Son-Pari' on Star Plus. The cursive-Handwriting improvement nightmare. Pad-Cricket after Exam

The Monster

People by the scores awaited the arrival. Most half dead, with their previous exploits. They said the monster shall arrive. They say you have to slay it right. They say only then will it take you where your mind desires. So they wait and I wait. Warriors across the battlefield attack and attempt to slay their respective nemesis. Not us. Our monster is assigned a zone in time and space. So we wait more. And then it happens. The growl of the monster is heard distinctly from somewhere far off. The crowd gets restless. I take guard. People look in the direction expected. And there it was!! The monster so ugly yet what a relief to see it! It could be identified only by inscriptions on it. The inscriptions could be deciphered by a select 'local' set. The monster identified, Storming happens. Warriors throw pieces of their armour to gain respectful positions. The females attack the front. The males and the rest from the back. I rushed and fought like a true soldier. I had gained it!!