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Of Trips, Tricks and Treats!

As the white circulating vapours slid through the long neck and were absorbed in one outlandish gulp, there was a lot to suggest the things to come in the next couple of days. Packing like an absolute amateur, I was up and ready for Hanni's treat followed by a trip to God's own Country at Munnar. The mad bus-ride to the hallowed portals of Taj was not uneventful, the Mr. ponks losing Hanni's bag in the bus, my front seat ride among glowing patches of red, white and yellow. Walking through the fish market, a littoral phantasmagoria of sorts was witnessed. Prawns, Squids and Fish had decided to swim the oesophagi of men and hence their predicament. Landing at the massively grilled iron gates, we were security checked and freed into the grandeur of Taj. Admiring the bibliophilous air and the leather cushions looking scalded in resplendent light, I climbed the stairs to be greeted by lime juice. Devouring it just like I did the incongruent mixture of grass and rat poison, I ent

The Self-Score Tripyard

Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka As mother Earth spun around n trippy patterns like a speck of dust off a rugged old mat. And in that massive background shot an arrow, our hero. It was for this brother that the little sister spun. They had to live eternity and ithis was the message from the flowers and the stars alike. And as this tale went on, it was deduced that there were two ways out - be the infinity in infinity or go to the boundaries of thought and beat whats beyond - the ultimate Schrodinger's Cat. The former will provide a physically comforting and a psychologically pricking comfort in thought. The latter eggs you on. You realize that rest has been wiped out on that little speck of dust. The milli-speck that is you fights the quite visibly alive Schrodinger's Cat and leaves it to metamorphise into its dead counterpart. And we wait for the next trip. Zindagi Ek Safar Hain There can't be just two or three or for that matter just 11 as that lunatic claims. There have got to be a


The humps and the bumps of the road had a telling effect on our opinion of the yogasutras outside our lodge facing the Virupaksha temple. Musty bedsheets and rattled bowels cleansed, we set out on hired bicycles to explore the ancient ruins of the Vijayanagara capital of Hampi. As the cauldron blazed atop our heads, we stood the heat up and entered the temple. Couple of Garbhagriha visits later, we were left having to be awed by the monolith pillars, Yalis and pesading horses. Pachyderm assuagement and minority brownization later, we were exiting the doors to face the sun one more time. Cycling our way uphill, we were to come face to awed-face with the 4.5m huge, monolith Ganesha. Kadlekai Ganesha was uber-massive, so much so that only flashes of selective flesh made the cut to the sensor. Later, a series of Jaina-style Shaiva mandirs were seen along the downward slope. Firangs rubbed sun-lotion on each other's backs as I had my bladder relieved and studied the lintels and toranas