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Valedictory Address - NITK Ring Presentation Ceremony

Good evening Mr. S.S. Mantha ,Chairman of AICTE, Mr. B.R.Bhat, respected Directors, Deans, our beloved faculty, staff and my adorable friends. We are gathered here on the solemn occasion of valediction after four years of what almost 500 students can vouch for as their best times in their life. From naive, idealistic, sober juveniles, we have transformed into mature, sometimes high-spirited individuals who shall be passing on the baton that has been so regally passed on for the past 5 decades in this Institute. Looking at all the high-flying batches pass out in front of us over the past four years, there was always a sense of trepidation that we might just drop the baton at this critical juncture. Well, it turns out that the army of individuals that are seated here in their best of attire have attained what has been rarely achieved and what will be tough to emulate in the years to come. Be it in landing some of the finest jobs in the market, admits to the finest Technical and Business

Dewwina Rathriyalli....

They are right here! Not rinsed in the blinking stardust of a moonless night. Not lurking in an abstuse alcove waiting to take you down. Not drenched in 40-year-old muck in a defunct tap on a deserted building. Not through the ups and downs of an electromagnetic field from the TV and the muck-girl with all that goo, poo and her circular voodoo. Death is just a continuation of life, only unbeknownst to the whole world. You take the same few steps to the bathroom and the same number of strokes will clean the eternally yellow teeth and the same watery coffee at the mess. We just lead life like we always did and 'die' like we always will. The chain is an extended one, being a speck on that circumference that spans by an unimaginagly large radius. So it is freaky to know that when I am alive, the little mind games in the mind are not really games and funny they definitely aren't. Who said that the little nudge that caused the movement of the chains in the stairs at home wasn'

The End of the Line.

The last 4 days have not been unlike running from a Jungle of outlandish growth and trying to tread on that little line of sanity just above the murky waters of hopeless phonecalls, SMSes and Facebook shag. Needless to stay, cloudy smoke ,courtesy Deshi and gang had me fall into those very murky waters. Gut-spitting retching later, sweat beads and motionless fans conspired yet again and I tripped. Memories of the first trip came back to haunt me and this time, I just let be. It was like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Next day morning involved massive amounts of damage control as things settled down. My visits to the sixth floor didn't stop with others joining in the trip. Moga, Babbar, Mota, Behera and Rahul Babicz tripped balls too! Trips to the deans office and chilling in that heavenly AC was something I got used to for the next couple of days. The photographs and the starched shirts and ironed pants and polished boots and shaven chins joined in the party as the photographs were

How the Swine Flew

This was just too good to be true. An entire week passing off without the sound of another del-ro-by-del-eks and del-whys . No Loop equations or the equally indigestible node equations. A hundred score less frantic hits on the already fragile Fx100MS. Boy, this was a win-win-win situation - the scheming Durgamba owner being the unlikely victor in this propitious bargain. All that needed to be done was a little sneeze and a couple of coughs from that large repertoire. Had they not come in handy during that awkward moment with her parents in the lift, or during that unbelievably lucky day during DSP endsems, when Squeak questioned me on FIR-filters and all I could muster was a sudden bout of coughing sprinkled with random utterances of 'band-pass' and 'frequencies'? Surely, my performance this time would be worthy of a Swine flu infection suspicion. If Paranoia Pandu ORDERED a week's leave for an innocuous sneeze at the ice-cold laboratory, surely the planned bouts wo