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Aj lazy dog jumps over the quick brown fox.

An amazing anecdote about an adventitious altar: Baked beans blast boring boulders, briskly bringing back bricks - blue but black. Cacophonous coloured clocks count, calling cauldrons of Can. Developing diagrams depict delusional diamonds displaying dreams. even eternal, equally ephemeral, eight eigenvalues exact equations. fizzling fits force Floyd, fighting figments for Final formation. Great God generously gave, Grub generated, gallons gyrated. Heavy Hands handle Heavens, Holding Hell , heralding Horace. Indigo inundated India's Indus, informing ill,ignorant innocence. jealous jokers jauntily joke joylessly jesting justless Jews. King Karna kindled Karnataka , kindly kissing Karma. Lovely ladies lay, luring lined lunatics. Me Me moron, my man Manu ! No no nutjob , never never! O O Oormila , of ordinary onyx ornate . Please pass pity, prune pikes poorly prudent. Querulously Queen Quincy quietly quorums "Quality Quills Quick! Rape Revolting Retards, regretlessly raptur

Of Nikola's Vision

If magnetic lines circulate time varying electric currents, should I not say magnets are bunches of electric current thrown to distort Serenity. What I learn today is this - vector fields are of two kinds - one called solenoidal from the greek word for pipe-shaped and the other called irrotational field which means it is making itself to be represented as a dot product with any scalar field phi. We see these kind of measurements for example on images for analysis and processing and such. The solenoidal or if I may, the rotational fields are those which can be represented as a dot product with a Vector Potential A, such that the field v can be written as v = del X A. Therefore, the dot with a cross product is bound to be zero too. This seems to be the foundations for the need for differential calculas. We are highly indebted to Newton/Laplace for Calculas for they sat on shoulders of Giants then and today we on them! Coming back to Electromagnetism, Magnetic field lines compose are sole

Wait the fuck up!

for a brief moment of clarity in jumbled space... there lights in the box, a convincing path through the maze. a path that instructs the mundane. no twisted dissembling or ideas profane. no - not even the overdrove path of Desire, for the Light shines at it’s end only like the tip of a pyre. in the Visible, I see the solution an anticlimactic version of pure reason. Yet, as the box spins - devoid now of clear air, I shout, ‘Wait the fuck up’, in severe despair!