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Towards the Sun.

/Written for purpose of fond reminisce down the line. Read at the risk of boredom :P / Its been quite a while since I transferred some of the muck from the boiling broth that is my head. Had been busy for preparations to start another phase of my life. Perhaps, the most interesting as yet. Because, for starters, my NOKIA 1200 wouldn't vibrate in violent blurts of Om Shanti Om, thanks to mom's BSNL-BSNL free connection going void, but also because most part of this phase will involve actual research which I am passionate about and diving into a culture I have known only in the sitcom shagging I have done for ages now. So, aided by nauseous-PJ-studded tips on packing to the States, the bags soon filled with clothes, books, cosmetics and stationery. A last minute coup had the bags filled with close to 8 kg of assorted masala pudies from North Karnataka and frantic discussions on baggage policies of the airplanes. Gosh! First time air travel is an experience I would not wish for my