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The Story Of A DOTA Game.

Hanni Host!
IP problem da.
Ok wait.
Where are the others?
Adi is messaging,he'll come wait.
Vicky is on the phone,he'll take another 2 hours.Ditch.
Anyone from the DASA wing?
No they are 'pardying'.
Poo's in the RR,he cant come.
BD n others?
BD is going to get stoned.
Ankit is stoned.
Theres Prat if you want :)
Hesh and Heda have some Comp Class.
Sharon in Mangalore.
Others No Idea.

*Datta u dark lord and other such standard 'racist'comments*

Wheres IT gang?
They just came wait.
Jethru and MV joined the game.
HellBoy joined the game.
Adi : Kick all naabs.
HellBoy has left the game.

*LOL ROFL and other such*

Who else coming da?
Neeraj wants to join.
Adi ,Hanni : NO
Datta : SURE!

EnViCi has joined the game.

*Due to presence of naabs by the scores and my weak memory as to who is pro, I cant publish further*.

Game starting in 5 seconds......
Game starting in 4 seconds......
Game starting in 3 seconds......
Game starting in 2 seconds......
Game starting in 1 seconds......


I Dont Message drew first blood!!
I Dont Message has pwned EnViCi for 400 Gold!

*Out of nowhere.... 'Waiting for players : EnViCi' *

EnViCi : Guys lag da i cant he...
EnViCi has left the game.


The cycle repeats but there is a good game coz 'Ql' doesnt join now.They allow Prat to!

PS - 'All characters are purely fiction..... et al'
Especially bout Ql ;)


Anonymous said…
friggin aawesome!!
Half-Light said…
Lol ! Did you mention that any similarity to real life may be purely co-incidental? :P
srinaik2020 said…
no flatly n truely denied it!
Vineeth said…
sexy da .... srini on bloggin spree

p.s. Ql it seems
Datta said…
Srini gettin imbaer by the day, continue mon

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