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No matter how many times they have featured on 'Things I Hate The Most' on Slam-Books and personality questionnaires, I have always been awed by the rich variety of 'saas-bahu' teleserials aired during prime-time.

Here is ,in no way an exhaustive list of their achievements( Due to obvious reasons I consider all the saas-bahu dramas to be a single identity) :

The net worth of the jewellery in one scene overtakes the GDP of Eritrea.

The costumes worn by a single person on one show beats the lifetime wardrobe of an average, sane mortal.

The Bindis of a lucky select compete in size with Kosovo.

The only set-up , fiction,non-fiction or whatever, where an older person plays the daughter if not grand-daughter of the younger one.

The wiliness of the average bahu puts to shame even the most dangerous KGB spy.

The make-up used for one complete episode can 'decolorize' entire Africa.

The only family probably in the history of time to have 8 generations in one frame.

And oh Yes! Its not Edna Parker.It's our very own बा!

The only shows on planet that can make a 5 minute real-life scene go on for an hour.How?
Here are a few ways :
  • The camera zooms into and out of the bahu's face 5-6 times,accompanied by thunderous sounds,prefferably from different angles.
  • Then,the above repeats for the other 8-9 subjects in the scene.
  • This done,there are various combinations to capture reactions.
  • Then we bring in components just one color.
  • The list is so ingeniously long,hence I skip.

Those were but just a few.
And how did I become such an 'expert' at this,well , Mums the Word!!


nadamani said…
i like mums the word part..
Vikram said…
Sexy article! You forgot how one character's "love" can bring her husband back to life!!! (After two weeks, no less)
Now that's what I call eternal love :)
Half-Light said…
I don't know much about 'Saas-Bahu' serials because most watched here are the tamil equivalents,which are by no means any better :) The stunning part is, whatever i miss in 4 months of college, i can catch up on just one episode. And people still watch that day in day out and crib so much when there is an interesting cricket match or so going on and the menfolk want to watch that.I wonder if the same happens in the hindi ones too :P
srinaik2020 said…

Thats the story everywhere!
@ "The make-up used for one complete episode can 'decolorize' entire Africa" If I were datta, I'd say racist fck! :P
Unknown said…
Imbalanced! Here comes the next 'serial' killer.. Who, like many famous ones, adored his victims secretly

srinaik2020 said…
oh yes didnt i make that public?
They are timepass when a crowd gathers!!

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