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  • Kaalia the crow,Suppandi,Tantri The Mantri,Kapish and the other Tinkle characters.
  • Math 100 page homeworks.
  • Mom getting my shoes polished and ready.
  • Trying to be tall enough to unbolt the door.
  • Fist Blow exchanges with sis.
  • Mickey-Mouse tiffin boxes and Donald Duck water bottles.
  • Just 'half' a ticket for a bus ride.
  • Forming circles on the playground for lunch.
  • Bated breath to catch the 2 second 'car scene' involving Drew Barrimore in Charlie's Angels.
  • Little Classroom Crushes.
  • Horrendous Hindi Dohas.
  • Enid-Blyton Adventures.
  • 'Just Mohabbat' on Sony.
  • Frantic 'chalkifying' the white canvas shoes.
  • Rubberbands to hold socks up during inspections.
  • 'Kings' with napkin-ball after lunch.
  • 4-in-1 family rides on our very own 'Allwyn Pushpak'.
  • Geography Map completions.
  • Tazos and Trump Cards and tattoos and what not!
  • Badge Fight with classmates.
  • 'Son-Pari' on Star Plus.
  • The cursive-Handwriting improvement nightmare.
  • Pad-Cricket after Examinations.
  • A beautiful traffic-free Bangalore.
  • The eagernessto ride an escalator.
And a billion other memories................

Thats what Yesterday is.
A montage of memories - good or bad.


Vishwanath said…
haha!! hilarious n true!! what the hell does montage mean?? we have a new english nerd!
VK said…
Having to zip your mouths shut after the first bell..
Having to take the timetable everyday..
Having to neatly iron my uniform in the morning..
Butterflies in the belly before every single elocution..
Fear of head-mistress doing the rounds...
Dr. Flycatcher said…
No bleddy cellphones.
d1001 said…
Though I don't recall some of those points, it is a very real memory. Nice one Srini. I hope you talk like this too now, please, no more "peace man".
srinaik2020 said…
@ vk - hehe as i say a billion others!

@kau - Wallet too.

@alok - thank you.Peace bro. :O .

tnx pudz

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