The Self-Score Tripyard

Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka
As mother Earth spun around n trippy patterns like a speck of dust off a rugged old mat. And in that massive background shot an arrow, our hero. It was for this brother that the little sister spun. They had to live eternity and ithis was the message from the flowers and the stars alike. And as this tale went on, it was deduced that there were two ways out - be the infinity in infinity or go to the boundaries of thought and beat whats beyond - the ultimate Schrodinger's Cat. The former will provide a physically comforting and a psychologically pricking comfort in thought. The latter eggs you on. You realize that rest has been wiped out on that little speck of dust. The milli-speck that is you fights the quite visibly alive Schrodinger's Cat and leaves it to metamorphise into its dead counterpart. And we wait for the next trip.

Zindagi Ek Safar Hain
There can't be just two or three or for that matter just 11 as that lunatic claims. There have got to be a million. For you see, for ever cut across the earth, there lies a new dimension to be witnessed - quite literally since the light is flowing in straight directions. So, here is the Brave New Man with his woman (Yes, the feminists were silenced long before). He was to be the local
village hero. He was to fool the pesading horses, battering rams and thundering Cannon Balls. He did and he carved 20,000 leagues under the Sargossa Sea. Who new what new shape would
be assumed, who knows tomorrow. Live today and enjoy the dimension making run you Brave New Main. Thus Spake Zarathustra. Dead is to come, it shall come. Death is to arrive, so it shall
advent. Live it up now.


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