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Of Trips, Tricks and Treats!

As the white circulating vapours slid through the long neck and were absorbed in one outlandish gulp, there was a lot to suggest the things to come in the next couple of days. Packing like an absolute amateur, I was up and ready for Hanni's treat followed by a trip to God's own Country at Munnar. The mad bus-ride to the hallowed portals of Taj was not uneventful, the Mr. ponks losing Hanni's bag in the bus, my front seat ride among glowing patches of red, white and yellow. Walking through the fish market, a littoral phantasmagoria of sorts was witnessed. Prawns, Squids and Fish had decided to swim the oesophagi of men and hence their predicament. Landing at the massively grilled iron gates, we were security checked and freed into the grandeur of Taj. Admiring the bibliophilous air and the leather cushions looking scalded in resplendent light, I climbed the stairs to be greeted by lime juice. Devouring it just like I did the incongruent mixture of grass and rat poison, I entered where the party was! There, decorating the wooden furniture were a hundered hungry and extremely fortunate souls. As I entered to take my seat amidst a nostalgic environment, I could recognise most of the people. As I undertook a mission to relieve pressure in the bladder, the party began. I scampered in for a place and had my soup. Food was aplenty and I was tripping on the origin of the food. A photo-session began and a friend was made in-charge. Incessant intra-table clicking induced me to intervene and daguerrotype the rest of Hanni's crowd. Some Page-300 party this was. Soon, it was time to leave. I was to go tripping with the IEEE crowd to Munnar.

As the mostly circuital crowd waited outside the gates, a few more lobby pics in the glorious light ensued. I then proceeded to take the last seat in the bus and as the bus headed out, my trip to Munnar had commenced. As soon as the ignition was on, almost automatically a hundered feminine sophomorish voices chorused popular Bollywood and Bryan Adams numbers. The heat and the privacy at the back got me to remove my denim pants and I enjoyed the beautiful journey in my boxers and Hawai Chappal. The night was spent, interspersed with dangerous speed-breakers, divine offerings and ATM and tea-breaks. The next day, as the Sun bummed his cigarette on Mother Earth, I woke up to be informed that I had just seen the birth place of the Advaita philosopher Adi Shankaracharya. The inspiration to pen the interpretation of Katha Upanishad must have come from his trysts with the river outside his birthplace. As the sun blew his penny whistle more shrilly and as I heard it far enough from Desolation Row, we were in Kerala! God's own country was to let loose and spoon-feed us with the most divine of Ambrosia. Soon, the whole bus was awake and we reached Annapoorneshwari Vegetarian Restaurant. Mild Ablutions ensued and we sat in to have some good breakfast. The Mallu version of the Laughing Buddha and the little kid was trippy as fuck. We boarded back and as we watched the movie 3 idiots,we went straight to the Idukki town of Munnar. We had come to Munnar Tourist Home. 5 Inter-continental chicks stood outside and that kinda told me the kind of crowd I could expect over the next couple of days. We chose a ground floor room and as a natural, all-pervading AC engulfed my environs, I inspected the mediocre bedsheets and loos and after I was pretty mind-fucked with the first couple of paragraphs from Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, I had bath in freezing waters. We then set out to have dinner. Some littoral delicacies were being contemplated and we entered this Chinese place and I ordered some cool Chicken Biriyani and Fish Fry fried in coconut oil. Honestly, few things have tasted better in my life. A sweet pan outside and I was set. The strawberries acted as an almost orgasmic dessert. We proceeded to visit the Dam Site. Lined with shops selling home-made chocolate, Fried Butta, Strawberry milkshakes, spicy pineapples, the walk was pretty divine. As we walked on, a pachyderm threatened to ride on us as we tried riding it. The fragrance of the tea leaves never really took of form the slopes of the mountains, although we did our level best to pose like we rode the fragrant high atop the leaves. The descent seemed trickier but inch by inch we made it down. The clouds threatened to burst upon us, but they never did, except of course when we were in the bus. We soon found ourselves at Echo Point, where a score of doppelgangers said what you said and swore what you swore and screamed what you screamed. A Phail at the first gun counter had me charged up and even a recoil of my first shot did not withstand the fury of the next four bull's eye shot and my belting of Hanni's kids to it. We climbed the rooftop of the bus and almost had BK in a panga with a reckless Mallu Auto-driver. The Malyalam everwhere was quite an out-worldly experience, so my camera continued to click on. Later on in the night, we arranged for a bonfire after a very bad and expensive dinner at Silver Spoon. A desperate attempt to score some pot from the Bihari Pan guy Phailed like it did when I asked the first key-chain giving rifle guy. As Lakshmit belted out tracks to the crowd in the middle of the town of Idukki, I knew I had missed grass for a long time. So, I spoke to Vimal - the guy who had taken care of all the lodging and all. It was pretty cool. We then crushed and rolled like amateurs. Our bong got busted and we sat and did some shit and got high. I was gone in that corridor and scared a few girls apparently. Hanni's kid and Puru threw up and cheaply sobered up.

Next Day morning, had some hot water bath and had breakfast at the hundered and first Saravana Bhavan that I had was to see that day. Then, after tripping balls over moustachioed Mallu Thathas, Honeymoon couples and amazonian women, we headed back to the lodge and Jeevan asked me to score for 500 bucks more for the boys in the B-wing. So I did and I took pictures with them and then we set sail to this magnificent point that had a lot of tea leaves, rugged mountains and free space where we could get all the relief we needed. After a lot of pictures we took a U-turn and headed for Thrisshur. But, unfortunately, we had to also have lunch and we went that extra mile for the drivers' commission. Along the way, evern Dumb Charades was boring and the Centre Fresh did not make matters better. I tried thinking of some good memory and nothing came and in a desperated bid, I knocked at the driver's room and suddenly, one of our tyres blew and we waited in the hot sun for the repair and Duncan parked his car and tripped balls over us and the girls. Soon, we entered the AC hall for lunch and devoured every kind of fruit and meal that was there. Then, we packed off to go to the waterfall. It was late and enjoyed the panaroma from far off. We then stopped at some shady Solar Hotel and got Squid in coconut oil instead of fish in normal oil. I still ate it and treated everyone with a sweet pan and then slept. In the middle, we got down to wish happy birtday to Tushar and as Vatal and I looked to empty our bladders, he did a 'Shhh Koi Hain?" Scene. Quite scary. Then I dozed off only to wake up at GB. We had come to college. After the girls, we boys went to our rooms and as I smoked the Idukki shit once more, I was set for another month.


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