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Of Nikola's Vision

If magnetic lines circulate time varying electric currents, should I not say magnets are bunches of electric current thrown to distort


What I learn today is this - vector fields are of two kinds - one called solenoidal from the greek word for pipe-shaped and the other

called irrotational field which means it is making itself to be represented as a dot product with any scalar field phi. We see these kind

of measurements for example on images for analysis and processing and such. The solenoidal or if I may, the rotational fields are

those which can be represented as a dot product with a Vector Potential A, such that the field v can be written as v = del X A.
Therefore, the dot with a cross product is bound to be zero too. This seems to be the foundations for the need for differential

calculas. We are highly indebted to Newton/Laplace for Calculas for they sat on shoulders of Giants then and today we on them!
Coming back to Electromagnetism, Magnetic field lines compose are solenoidal vector fields.

The Gauss' law make sense because Electric field lines exit positive charges and enter negative charges. If these charges are unsteady

over time, they give rise to time varying electric currents which in turn give rise to magnetic field lines. So, if we want to count how

many charges are on a closed surface, we just need to count the number of field lines coming out of each of them. After all, when we

break down large charges, they are after all composed of units of electrons. These charges are funny things. One day, a scientist said

that the quality of possessing something is negative and of not having is positive. On the other hand, our intuitional language tells us

that those that have should be positive and those without negative. This is pretty baffling.

After enough digression, I return back to the fact that the charge existing on a closed surface is established by just counting the

number of magnetic field lines. The denser magnetic field lines are nothing but responses of unequal distribution of charges. For

you see, before the creation of anything, everything was plain and motionless, serene as serene can be. In one astronomic expansion,

charges rearranged and set the clock in motion. Tick tock tick tock, it painted Creation, visible in infra red today and in the deepest

abysses of the electronic spectra.

That said (the fact that Gauss' Law is one of Maxwell's equations), the other is the magnetic counterpart. It says that there are no

independent magnetic poles, just lines of force going in loops and loops unto infinity. The do produce infinite lines, but their

geometry is a study I would love to be a part of. Because, not only are their geometries dependent on the geometry of charge

distribution, the very concept of a force's direction would be a great thing to look at. Thus, we can say that, for a plane that is perpendicular to a Gaussian surface, the number of magnetic lines that enter and leave cancel each other. Thus, this makes me wonder. It basically means to say that the forces are all the same.


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