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Towards the Sun.

/Written for purpose of fond reminisce down the line. Read at the risk of boredom :P /

Its been quite a while since I transferred some of the muck from the boiling broth that is my head. Had been busy for preparations to start another phase of my life. Perhaps, the most interesting as yet. Because, for starters, my NOKIA 1200 wouldn't vibrate in violent blurts of Om Shanti Om, thanks to mom's BSNL-BSNL free connection going void, but also because most part of this phase will involve actual research which I am passionate about and diving into a culture I have known only in the sitcom shagging I have done for ages now.

So, aided by nauseous-PJ-studded tips on packing to the States, the bags soon filled with clothes, books, cosmetics and stationery. A last minute coup had the bags filled with close to 8 kg of assorted masala pudies from North Karnataka and frantic discussions on baggage policies of the airplanes. Gosh! First time air travel is an experience I would not wish for my worst enemy. It is not the experience per se, but the mental picture that I developed about my itinerary before bidding an emotional adieu at BIAL that was quite horrific. Kulki had his set of people to hang out with and I was left scrounging for company at the lounge, waiting for the Lufthansa flight. The flight was quite nice. I slept through the first movie, but managed to watch "Paa" in subtitles. After landing at Frankfurt, headed off to the Continental Terminal, after a series of elevator, train and escalator rides in the company of varied hairstyles of varied hues.

Changed a 10 dollar bill to euros, made calls to home,loafed around the lounges, bugged by the slow moving queues(!) at the airport, questioned extensively before getting the boarding pass stamped, and I was in for quite a ride to EWR, NJ. Watched half of Citizen Kane, episodes of 30 Rock and such, before filling out the I-94 and I eventually landed at the airport. The Immigration was not such a hassle as I waited for about 45 minutes. I had entered the USA :O!
My bags arrived safely and passed through customs with no issues. The man just asked me if I got mangoes! After exiting Customs, bags weren't rechecked as my flight was the next day. Called relatives after searching around to confirm if I really had to take my bags out. Stayed at relatives' place and had sound sleep, dinner and then not so sound sleep :| Left really late to the airport, because relative was confident that its ok to go an early for the flight. Turns out, I had missed the flight and I was rebooked (Thank the Lord!) This was probably one of the worst moments for quite sometime. There I am, in a completely new place, knowing no shit whatsoever of the airport structure, with 3 hefty bags on a rickety, 250INR (:O) costing trolley and a weighty backpack with supervaluable documents and going to and fro people who didn't seem to know where I should check in. After eventually speaking to someone, I cut some lines to reach the checkin and they rebooked me. Phew! The trudge - both physical and mental was bad on me, as I made past the through the airport security and soon, was able to get a phone card, make calls to arizona shuttle, to Nilesh in Tucson and my relative at NJ. Things then seemed to settle down amidst the chantings of the Vishnu Sahasranama. Landing at Phoenix, the Arizona shuttle people there were extremely helpful and the ride from there to Tucson and after was great and I was fortunate to have Nilesh come and pick me up in Rahul's car and I was finally in the University of Arizona and in my apartment. Well, ya thats it. That was the itinerary.


bala said…
nice stuff man.
i suggest you read "the inscrutable Americans", if you have the time.

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