AJNA - Part 2

The Finnish papers had screamed how gruesome the death of Riika Haikkinen was. The blue eyes of the mother of one-year-old Kimi had been gouged out as the hollow spaces of her once beautiful face screeched of morbidity. The efforts of Olaf and the Polissi had paid off as the as yet undecomposed body and pale body of the young actress lay in the frigid depths of Scandinavia. The press traversed annals of national well-being and literary successes to dig out the files of Elya Linnanein - a teenage prostitute murdered in the same horrifying manner as Riika. Surely the recent developments pointed fingers to someone other than Elya's greedy pimp.

I could see the dark side of what they call human psyche when the august presence of Bibek Sabharwal made itself known at the reception of Mysore Mallige - my humble motel among the thousand lakes in Finland. My mother's sixth sense about me possessing one had proved horrifyingly right as I stared at the stone cold body of Elya Linnanein. The suspicions had been confirmed when the country watched in horror, the fate of Riika Raikonnen. There was more to prove the cause of Bibek's inculpation. On both occasions, he had left the motel for a week and returned with a look of great Divinity on his face. I had seen that sparkle in the eye which I couldn't recollect then. I decided to play Polissi and downed shutters on the Mysore Mallige and began my own private investigation.

The brat knew the landscape of this heaven and many of it's higher servants as enquiries about Sabharwal drew queer and suspicious looks even as they so blatantly screamed of guilt. After two days of a deadlock, I made a tiny breakthrough as the Idukki seeds popped the truth out of an old junkie at a pub in the outskirts of the city. 'Laila's' was a whorehouse outside the city that was notorious for it's bondage fetish encouragement. A dozen more seeds later, a terrible story would unfold.....


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