AJNA - Part 1

Except for that glint of silver in the overcast skies, all was bleak and dull at the university gates. Prof. Bibek Sabharwal had returned after his hiatus at the turquoise lakes in the Scandinavian snow. Millions of eyes lay fixated on the noisy feed from the few good men fortunate to have arrived at the hallowed gates on knowing that Sabharwal had made a rather covert landing in the wee hours of that sleepy Sunday morning.
In another couple of hours, satellites would spew out HDTV data with detailed stories, as Dr. Sabharwal would peel out another layer of that 'Third Eye'.

"Get out of my way! Scoundrels!", yelled the octogenarian at the inane cameraman who had dared to step on the 1940 'Welcome' jute mat he and his late wife had bought during their honeymoon. "You filthy bastards can't wait for another two hours when you have waited for an eternity and six months?!".

The dazed cameraman withdrew to puffs of A-1 and Kulla Kulli BDs as superior equipment was to be airlifted to this distant town. 'The lunatic will step out on this very mat and lead us to another hopelessly obscure and useless trip of his! And to think that the world's top dogs would move sky and earth to procure his research!'. This wasn't the first time that the cameraman had come to this town of self-absorbed cretins. That lunatic had returned from those very lakes a couple of years back and a year before that. He claimed he had seen the Third Eye. He had the visualization that would serve as the missing pieces to more than one conundrum faced by a broad range of academia across the globe. Tall Claims! Bah! What did Gulshan care?! The trippy wrapper of the Kulla Kulli BD would give him company as long as the bucks trod in.
God knew what new insight this eccentric had planned for mankind in the pregnant hours that would unfold now.........


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