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One Man's Dream

Ever since the advent of Wikipedia, it's variants and more importantly the idea of Web 2.5ing, there was always this sub-conscious effort from my side to be relevant in the accumulation of the most obscure of facts about the most obscure of places and people. Not only has my active participation been a rather interesting phenomenon, but the idea of a person who I would never have even imagined that I would meet, hooks up and we end up spending hours fighting virtual Mafia wars, the concept kind of starts getting a little trippy. These phenomena no doubt exhibit characteristics that are so profoundly impacted by time - just like the supposed maturity of a person or the understanding of the world or the more and more compact stuffing of switches and devices in a tenth of a micron square. But this particular aim of 'world knowledge' and a 'single consciousness' no longer begs but commands our attention as more and more rapid progress is being made in all fields concerned.

I don't think there are many people and I am sure you are not one among them - people who don't wonder whether the 'RED' you and I see is the same or not. Even our basic instincts to stimuli are questioned and delved to find if we really are fundamentally the same or not. It is one of the harsh realities of life that we are stuck as who we were born as and that the way we perceive things is not going to change for a while (except of course, when Lucy throws a couple of diamonds in the sky sometimes). It is either too comforting to think that or too discomfiting to think otherwise that we tend to feel, see , hear, taste and smell things in an astonishingly similar manners.

So, given the kind of 'optimizing' background I am from, there is a need to look into this redundancy of 'consciousness'. Yes, varied experiences through similar channels serves as a good explanation. But, either the cynic or the tripper in me wants to see beyond that. To see that we ultimately are going to be part of global hub of 'consciousness', where the most minute of senses are transduced to numerical signals and where even the most faintest of physical activity leaves it's mark. A script of paper penned a century earlier has it's effects that can be felt across by everybody in the future. When Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote his essay on history, its perhaps this he adverted us to. The fact that Hisory is not a mere repition of facts or a lesson to be learnt to not make mistakes in the future. No. History is beyond that. History is about understanding of the idea that a part of a web of consciousness had horrified a part of Europe and that Archimedes had run the streets of (Greece?) naked, apparently jubilant over a solved Physics problem. History should be viewed in that way and when it is, a greater sense of belonging comes over you.

Returned home, busted and sober.
Yes, please listen to Yaani's One Man's Dream ;)


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