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Hom.. aaah!!

It is with great pain and with little repentence I question beliefs that have become so ingrained in our society and way of thinking today. It is still so shocking to see babies thrown from atop buildings and burnt in bonfires in the name of black magic. But lets just take a step back and analyse what we have called black magic - an attempt to achieve ends my means that have no justification or reasoning, but are based purely on the whims and the divine afflati of old men witnessing mescaline sunsets and perhaps having necrophilistic tendencies. They say that the scriptures that were and are studied with such great veneration is really a description of the held ideas of those days and it is despicable that even today we decide to judge people and ideas based on our ability or even our willingness to shower that same veneration.

The concept of God is a fundamentally personal one. It is just as bizarre to think of an old man looking at us from the sky as it is to bank
on divine interference for RCB fans when Kallis is on strike with 10 runs required to win from 10 balls! But bizarre has never been bad for a race that went through from wild animal hunters, foragers, warriors, kings, Godmen, God-kings, paedophiles and sex addicts. But when a completely impersonal and bizarre idea is obtruded on your face, it starts to peeve people off and my rant today is exactly this.

Some horoscope man my Mom spoke to, told her that I was not getting what I deserved and hence a homa was in order. I do not understand this - some old man, who has never met me in life, tells me that I have worked too hard and that I am not getting what I deserve. And to top it all, he thinks lighting a pyre and chanting a few words would get me out of this supposed rut. And to think that so many of us are blind followers of such customs is only astounding.

Sure, it gives a great sense of comfort to know that when I have worked hard, there is some wheel of life that takes care to give me the points, so I can reap them sooner or later to get what I want. It may give comfort to all mellow believers and fanatics alike. But as I said, where does this end? When will it become deeply etched in our consciousness that we are our destiny creaters and holders and that passion for anything is passion for your God. As long as we don't do things that we don't expect people to do us, we are good to go.........


bala said…
you are questioning some on else's belief. That in itself in a judgment, the same way that I'm questioning yours through this comment. the cycle is endless. one judgment leads to another. if you let things be the way they are, that is a judgment too. there is no right and wrong. they are just points of view.

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