The End of the Line.

The last 4 days have not been unlike running from a Jungle of outlandish growth and trying to tread on that little line of sanity just above the murky waters of hopeless phonecalls, SMSes and Facebook shag. Needless to stay, cloudy smoke ,courtesy Deshi and gang had me fall into those very murky waters. Gut-spitting retching later, sweat beads and motionless fans conspired yet again and I tripped. Memories of the first trip came back to haunt me and this time, I just let be. It was like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

Next day morning involved massive amounts of damage control as things settled down. My visits to the sixth floor didn't stop with others joining in the trip. Moga, Babbar, Mota, Behera and Rahul Babicz tripped balls too!

Trips to the deans office and chilling in that heavenly AC was something I got used to for the next couple of days. The photographs and the starched shirts and ironed pants and polished boots and shaven chins joined in the party as the photographs were shot in receding sunlight with the cool smell of a 100 deodourants wafting in....

Been sober for a couple of days now... excellent spicmacay farewell, trical dinner, drunkyard, Hope to see more.... Should be fun.... lots of trippy research in the college i am joining.... insect vision, cancer imaging and ultimate cancer cure and all that... should be heading there.... waiting for the iimb results which dont seem to be in a hurry!

So until next time.... Vitruvian will keep me busy... You will LOVE it!

PS : Dedicated to the 6th floor D wing buggas and heres wishing the RCB cool scenes at the DY Patil stadium... hope the God gets out early!


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