The Rupee.

Its not just 1/42.875 of a Dollar.
Our Rupee coin is so much more than that.

1 Caramel Eclairs.
2 coffee bites.
4 Soft Spots (Whatever happened to them?!)
16 village peppermints!
60 seconds from the Yellow Box.
100 SMSes for some.
The topping to the 100,500 or 1000 in an envelope at a ceremony.
The savior from a ceremonial kick from the bus conductor.
An hour for the homeless.
A house for an Eritrean. :)
An ugly jingle to your stride.
An embarrassment to a '7-figurer'.
The trophy of a grocery store bargain.
Almost match-decider in a World Cup Final.
A Gem for a Romanian numismatist.
Horrible worthlessness at the Mall.
A well-deserved tip for The Cocky Waiter.
An extra Sweet Puri at the chaat place.
Oh Yes,have to put this in - A MASSIVE 2 more MB of web usage for BSNL :O

What else?!
Fill in more guys............


Half-Light said…
Some 1000 odd bucks in Indonesia :P
Layfield said…
How about :
1/55 litres of petrol(Prashanth would say that)
A big factor in "Change idiya saar?" discussions with auto drivers
Dr. Flycatcher said…
1 Envelope which could contain something of tremendous value - however you look at it.

2 vital xeroxes before an examination!

2 lifesaving lifesaving chlormints ;)
Half-Light said…
Thing that got thrown back at me when i once gave it to a beggar. Lol
Vikram said…
Excellent choice making device. Heads or Tails. That's it :)
Vikram said…
146 773 810 Zimbabwian dollars. Talk about being a millionaire :)
lol @ "A house for an eritrean"
What is it that you have for eritrea ? :P
Vineeth said…
@raghavan Its his second home ...
panda said…
1/38th of a quart of OMR :)

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