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Nano,Petro,Traffic... You get the idea?

Yes one preach-max post.But seriously guys read it and consider it.
Hoping comments follow.

The recent hike in petrol prices would have come as a big blow for most people.It sure will leave a huge hole in every pocket. I dont follow the oil economy or the inflation-fighting steps taken by the government but what I do realize is one thing.There sure is an upside to this.Ok before you jump and try reading the last para to see the tone and proceed to comment, let me assure you .I would be as happy as anybody else if prices of so many things fell.What I want you to do is understand a little observation I made.

Usually, when I have some place to go in namma Bengalooru,there would be ideally 2 choices - the bus or my own transport (ideally because the LL is still in the waiting :( . ).
I am quite sure this thought process goes on in most peoples minds.They would think about the availability of buses to that place and their regularity.They would then find out the distance they would be travelling and kinda guess the costs.Then taking into account all the opportunity costs and such,will choose the mode of transport.

And by just looking how horribly menacing the ooru's traffic is getting day-by-day,its not easy to guess which mode is winning!

Now, when prices rise, demand falls.One of the basic rules i am guessing.
Just think about how many people would reconsider getting their own mode of transport out and spending an extra 50 or so.And mind you we are talking about the middle-class here.The same middle-class which raised a hue and cry about the LPG prices having gone up by Rs. 50.
Yes, I agree that sometimes the public transport can get you tired and they are never to your convenience.
Carpooling is a great option. And its a good thing that some AC buses are coming in the city, targeting the upper strata. I hope to see that grow more in the city.
The Bangalore Metro, I hope brings in that dramatic change.
The main culprits of most jams in the city - The auto rickshaws will be given a run for their money.Or at least that's what I am hoping.

The coming of the Tata Nano, as much as I take pride in the ingenuity of an Indian company, will throw a spanner in the traffic-improvement works. The car being a symbol of status in our soceity ,I respectfully submit shouldn't be. We can pass the phase the Americans have passed,as noted writer Thomas Friedman says. In this new age especially in a metropoliton like Bangalore,Environment is a huge concern.Its time we 'frog-jumped' the Americans in a way.
Status of soceity can be a good computer or a mobile device connected to the superhighway called internet (no I dont think it is naive to think so).

After a lot of digressions ,what I am basically saying is peak oil or not , oil prices in the near future will only shoot upwards. Its high time we see the bright side of things and move on.
I have attempted to shed some light.
After all when demand falls,prices will fall or at least thats what I hope and we should all hope.


Rushil Anirudh said…
I agree and disagree, agree to the fact that in the future, metro is the only option we're going to have to get anywhere. Disagree because rocketting fuel prices are not going to stop people from buying cars. With the Nano due to release sometime soon, its going to be utter chaos on the roads.
You will probably think twice before buying a car. But you will still buy it. As you said, sadly as having a car seems to be a status symbol in our country, everyone wants to own one! With so many financing options available that too.
Honda recently launched its first hydrogen car, more to come in the future. Petrol at $100/Litre or not Cars are here to stay.
Where will all this lead to? I dunno may be my next blog! :D
srinaik2020 said…
Glad you agreed.

No thats the thing.Cars are here to stay,unfortunately is what I am saying.

What I am expecting is truly a kind of almost cultural change and I do hope ppl respond to something like $100/Litre!!

Cars will be there.They will turn out to be only what they are.A show-piece,never on the roads.Its a great thing if that happens.Dont you think?
Vikram said…
There is NOT MUCH going to change. People will buy, drive and own cars at pretty much the same rate.
It's only Indians like us (who use their brains for more than finding their next meal) who will think about the environment. Abroad, they just don't give a damn. The US will continue to pollute and we are going to suffer. We just need to figure out a way to counter the inevitable effects of global warming. No amount of price rise is going to help. People will just earn, spend and by extension pollute more.
Vikram said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vikram said…
Sorry typos.

I'll give you an example: I walked into the restroom at Frankfurt airport,washed my hands and dried them by using my handkerchief. This is the Indian habit. The "developed" habit: A ten year old kid washes his hands and takes not one, not two but FIVE paper towels to dry his hands. (Half the size of mine) It was amazing, him just pulling out paper as if there's no tomorrow. And the adults are worse. They use at least SIX or SEVEN to dry their hands. They just don't care about the implications of wasting so much. They have never seen a scarcity in their lives so conservation's a forgotten word.
Dipankar said…
the point is right now the consumer has not felt the entire pinch of oil rise as the government subsdizes our oil. We have seen a modest increase in prices compared to other countries like malaysia, europe etc.
If prices rise steeply there is bound to be some sort of cultural change

I agree that its all about the indian mindset. Most people find it below their esteem to use mass transport. But things are changing. in mumbai for eg in the local trains i have seen company executives and other professionals use the local trains
there is hope!!!

demand may go down slightly but supply will too so oil at $100+ is here to stay. GS predicts $200.
srinaik2020 said…
I appreciate your comments.

The point I was trying to make is encourage people to use mass transport.

High petrol price I am saying will only encourage it.
Half-Light said…
Yes, i hope metro changes anything if not everything. Abroad at least the scene has not changed too much mainly thanks to the discomfort of access points being far away from home and hence the car being so much more convenient. But I await the day when people do not mind walking a bit to one of these access points rather than pollute,congest,and what not.I fear we have to wait for a time when petrol totally runs out or something for that to happen.
VenkyPrasad said…
I agree with u Mamatha Banerjee seem to have got inspired by the blog ( not actually) and started protesting .. ;)

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